The "H's" of Real Estate in Denver and Parker, Colorado

HISTORICAL DISTRICT:  A protected area that falls under historical governance.  Any exterior changes (such as additions, paint color, window replacements, etc.) made to a building that falls within a historical district requires prior approval.

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION (HOA):  A coalition of homeowners in a residential community that establishes rules that the property owners must adhere to.  Joining an HOA is a bit like sacrificing some control over your property to regulate that of your neighbor.

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION FEE:  A monthly due paid by homeowners living within an HOA community to help maintain all properties, amenities and commas areas within the association.

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE:  Insurance that covers losses and damages to a homeowners home and home assets.  It also provides liability coverage agains accidents in the home or on the property.

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