The "E's" of Real Estate in Denver and Parker, Colorado

EARNEST MONEY:  Money the buyer puts down to show the seller that they are serious about purchasing the home or property.

EQUITY:  One of the biggest perks of homeownership is building equity, which is a measure calculated by taking the market value of a property and deducting the amount that is still owed on the mortgage, if any.

ESCROW:  An arrangement in which a neutral third-party provider holds the funds associated with a real estate transaction until a specific condition is met.  Note - Colorado is a hard-money closing state meaning that any funds deposited as earnest money are applied to the down payments and all closing costs, deposits, credits, etc. are applied towards the final closing cost the day of closing.

EXCLUSION:  Items that are excluded from the sale of a home or property.  These may include appliances, chandeliers, electronics, furniture and / or personal property.

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