7 Maintenance Tips for Your Colorado Acreage Property

Owning a large property is a dream for many homeowners who value nature and privacy. If you’ve recently purchased Castle Rock, CO, real estate with lots of land, you’re living that dream. From your porch, you can enjoy the crisp Colorado mountain air whispering through the pine trees surrounding your home. However, part of owning such a large property is maintaining it. When you feel overwhelmed by all the work your dozens of acres might need, here’s a list of things you can do to make the whole process easier.

Identify your purpose

When looking for homes for sale in Parker, CO, you likely had an idea of what you wanted to do with your large piece of land. Well, that step alone is vital to your home maintenance. After all, hiking trails need different maintenance styles, as opposed to a horse ranch. Whether you prefer to create a small farm or snowmobiling course for yourself, getting that idea sorted steers your maintenance goals in the right direction.

For example, a horse ranch needs large cleared pastures for animals, so a riding mower will be invaluable. Wooded hiking trails, on the other hand, need chainsaws and clippers to keep their paths clear.

Be proactive

One major downside of a large property is that yard maintenance is never just a one-and-done situation. Much like your home itself, your property needs regular dusting, vacuuming, etc. So, proactiveness is a vital part of acreage maintenance. Don’t wait until the grass on your lawn is overgrown before dealing with it. Mow your lawn at least once every two weeks for a healthy, well-maintained yard. It's best to weed your yard when the plants are small, not when they’re almost taking over it. If you don’t stay on top of these little details, maintaining your Castle Rock, CO, real estate will become frustrating.

Create a maintenance schedule

When looking to care for homes for sale in Parker, CO, enforcing a maintenance schedule can help your yard stay pruned and beautiful. It may sound intense and all too corporate, but when you have a large property, a maintenance schedule is necessary.

To create a schedule, first, identify what’s important to your yard. Think irrigation, landscape hazards, soil, composting, and the like. If any of those are vital to your acreage’s care, add them to your priority list. A combination of these factors, alongside typical property needs like plant care, safety requirements, pest and weed management, and long-term goals, can help you create a schedule.

Another great help with creating a schedule is knowing your property’s landscaping history. Do the plants grow quickly here? Your lawn might require weekly trimming maintenance instead of once every two weeks. If the previous owner of the property implemented sustainability practices, that's great. If they didn’t, you might have more work to do to get these plants in place if you want them.

Keep the property secure

A staggering challenge that comes with large properties is their security. Larger properties can especially be more challenging to keep secure compared to neighborhood homes.

There are a few vital steps you can take. This includes installing security cameras, alarms, and motion-activated lights to keep an eye on your property. They can also discourage bold wildlife from encroaching on your property.

When it comes to overall security, adding a locked gate to your driveway is a possibility as well. You might see this on other homes for sale in Parker, CO, as it’s not unusual when people have large, private properties.

Simplify landscaping

There are a few ways to minimize the amount of landscaping you have to do. One easy way is to landscape the first few hundred yards around your home and leave the rest as unmaintained wilderness. Also, feel free to grow low-maintenance plants around your home. These plants will spruce up your home even if you forget to water them for a few days.

When caring for your Castle Rock, CO, real estate, you can also simplify the landscaping by growing fewer plants. For example, larger patios and decks mean less land to care for. Similarly, you could lean full-on into xeriscaping, where you use low-maintenance plants, rocks, and irrigation tricks in your landscaping so that your plants need little to no watering.

Know seasonal concerns

Whenever you’re looking at homes for sale in Parker, CO, look up the home maintenance concerns, for example, Colorado's seasonal changes. On a smaller scale, seasonal changes include the heavy rainfalls of spring, the plant debris of fall, and clearing out the driveway from winter snow. Colorado has an ordinance that prohibits people from blowing their snowdrifts into the road, so proper snow disposal is more important than you might think.

In a larger-scale landscaping organization, you also need to plan your maintenance cleverly. For example, knowing the plant hardiness of the region will help you pick and seed flora that will thrive. There’s so much to plan, so if you want to do early spring planting for your landscaping, start planning in winter.

Hire a professional

At the end of the day, you should feel no shame in hiring a professional to aid with your Castle Rock, CO, real estate. While being able to do the job yourself is fulfilling, sometimes you just don’t have the time for everything it takes. Hire recommended landscapers in your area to help you maintain your property every two weeks or as required.

Don’t yet have a Colorado acreage where you can use these tips? Reach out to local real estate expert Joy McWilliams and Brian McWilliams to see what’s on the market!

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